Imogen Smith

Elite Marathon Stage Racer

Ben Forbes

Gravity Enduro EWS rider, former XCO Australian Team representative

Anna has been my coach since 2010 and has helped me achieve many goals with my world cup racing around the world in cross-country and gravity enduro mountain biking. She is great with communication which is key to being a good coach. Her programs also have a fun twist to them to make sure its not all head down and pedal hard.

Mark Brockwell

Australia XCM National Series Winner (Mas)

I wasn’t too sure if I required a coach initially but I needed to get over a hump to the next level. Anna helped me achieve this and my major goals of winning the 2017 Flight Center Epic as well as taking out the 2017 MTBA National Marathon Series. A coach gives you direction and feedback, and when followed great results. I found this with Anna Beck Coaching as well as Anna's understanding for family and shift work commitments. Anna is also inspirational as she practices what she preaches​

Anna has a great understanding of what it’s like to fit serious bike training into real life of work, study, family, and everything else. As such, she’s really sensitive to how athletes can get the most out of their training time, and how important recovery is when there are a million other life stresses competing for your cortisol… Anna is approachable, understanding, and tough when she needs to be. This, coupled with her huge technical knowledge of the science of coaching make her an amazing guide for any athlete with serious goals. I was lucky to have Anna B coach me when I returned to mountain biking and was preparing for a huge marathon stage race – Transalp – which takes eight days and covered about 700km of alpine passes. I had barely ridden a mountain bike for years, let alone prepared for marathons, but over the few months I had, Anna’s guidance got me incredibly strong. Although I had to fit training in around full-time study and two part-time jobs, Anna helped me get the most out of my training time. At the big event I performed way beyond my expectations, coming third overall

Annelie Marquardt

Slayer of trails

I signed up to AB’s coaching to get myself to a point of being able to do a seven-day mountain bike stage race in Canada (BC Bike Race)... with three months to go. It let me reach a fitness level I had never had before in my life, in a short amount of time, all while adjusting for work trips, minor derp injuries and general week-to-week time restrictions. Honestly, I was amazed (and still am) at the improvement I felt; it saw me blow my expectations out of the water for BCBR. Now I’m addicted to #trainingplanlife, with different goals (gravity enduro and xc). It’s been tailored to me, my time, my bikes/equipment and my motivation. It’s one thing to have a plan to train, and another to actually do it. For me, having someone on the other end who gets it (and Anna definitely gets it), and wants you to succeed made all the difference.

Bel Sheraton

Former roadie, now cross-country warrior

In 2016 I approached AB about improving my MTB training and racing plans. Anna was extremely thorough in gathering a wide range of information and data from me to begin creating a plan for my training and racing. Unfortunately I became I'll throughout 2016 and required surgery. Anna demonstrated a great understanding of my illness and regularly checked in with me to modify my training and racing plans according to my health. She was also compassionate and extremely patient in her approach to my training and recovery and regularly reminded me to be kind to myself. Despite all of these odds, my riding ability and fitness improved while training. I'm still actively recovering and looking forward to building a solid training plan to race again in 2017.


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