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ATOM: Michelle Gane

Michelle is no stranger to riding bikes, and has been doing so in various forms throughout her life. More recently, Michelle has been a convert to the Gravity Enduro discipline, and has really taken the bull by the horns. Working with us since last year, Michelle has managed a National Title, completed her first EWS Enduro, and won her most recent event at EWS Derby! She definitely earned the recent ATOM award and psychadelic shirt!

Name: Michelle Gane

Age: 41

Cycling discipline: MTB Enduro

Years riding: On and off for 30 years

Biggest Achievement in life and on the bike: Getting my black belt in karate was pretty special. I once cycled 11,000km through South America in 136 days to raise money for the Kids Cancer project.

Upcoming goals: I'm hoping to make an EWS in Europe later in the year or maybe next year.

Favourite food: I really like broccoli. Okay I'm not that healthy, anything with caramel is my kryptonite.

Favourite beverage: Coffee, sparkling water, coffee, did I mention coffee??

Favourite training session: Oooo tough one. I really like riding my bike so I really don't mind BUT I love the dirt sessions.

Rate the zones in order of preference: (Recovery, Endurance, Tempo, Sweet Spot, Threshold, Vo2, Neuromuscular/Sprints)

Endurance, Sprints (love hate here), Tempo, Recovery, Threshold, Sweet spot &Vo2

What makes you interesting?: Science nerd, adventurer, don't take myself seriously. According to my friends I'm a whirlwind of life with enough crazy to fuel a never give up attitude.

Favourite thing about coaching?: Everything! Knowledge, objectivity, experience, voice of reason when I'm completely freaking out. It's not just about the training plan but helping navigating the emotional rollercoaster of how to race, how to train, how to recover, how to build confidence - it's an investment in yourself.


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