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ATOM: Declan Wharton

Declan Wharton has been with AB Coaching for a few seasons now, and his steadfast commitment to 2training and balancing 'real life' has resulted in a steady progression in both XCO and XCM while keeping it real. Declan was recently crowned XCO State Champ, and has made a steady progression in National XCM racing. We chat to DW about all things life and training....

Declan Wharton Age: 24 Achievements: Getting a new job, state champs win both because they were stories of tenacity that happened in the same week. Discipline: XC, Road (wanna be), CX Goals: top 5 at marathon champs and XC champs. Podium the Flight Centre Cycle Epic again Years riding: 10 Competitively: 4-5 Fave food: Dad's rissoles. Simple pleasures, you know. Fave drink: Hmm beer or coffee better still espresso martini Favorite training session: MTB rides with a crew Zones (listed in order of love for them): 1.endurance 2. sweet spot 3. v02 4. Rec 5.sprint Interests: I have a lot of incongruent interests environmentalism, engineering, rock, pop, sport, literature Why I like coaching: this interview made me feel like I'd made it! I like being fit being able to compete.

Declan is also 100% a nice guy, and always has something left-of-centre and interesting to say. If you catch him out on the trails, be sure to say hi! Congrats on your Athlete of the Month!


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