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The first in our series of Athlete of the Month (ATOM) recipients is Brisbane-based athlete Annelie Marquardt.

Annelie started training with us early last year to get through the BC Bike race in Canada, a race I would be attending too and where I really got to know her, and since conquering that mighty goal Annelie has discovered the world of racing down the hill, not up! Check out our little Q and A with AM below...

Name: Annelie Marquardt

Age: 29

Cycling discipline: Mainly mtb (gravity)

Years riding: Casually: 10. Consistently: 3. Focussed-ly: 1.5.

Biggest Achievement in life and on the bike: Life would be…maybe speaking about sugarcane at a big conference in San Diego. Bike would be BC Bike Race last year, or… Sundayyy! (AB: Annelie just came second in Elite Women, in the first round of the Australian Gravity Enduro Cup on the weekend!)

Upcoming goals: Hopefully MTBA Gravity Enduro National Champs in SA later in the year for fun, also Trans NZ Enduro next year.

Favourite food: Salmon and bulk vegetables for dinner

Favourite beverage: Currently coffee. But actually water. Definitely not champagne.

Favourite training session: SUPER D'S!

Favourite music: Dank techno

Rate the zones in order of preference: (Recovery, Endurance, Tempo, Sweet Spot, Threshold, Vo2, Neuromuscular/Sprints) That’s the order ha. Except Neuromuscular/Sprints is first because rawwr.

What makes you interesting? Oooo I don’t know if I’m the right person to ask. I find other people interesting… and I know when I see that someone else finds other people (ie, not just themselves?) interesting, then I feel like they’re interesting. So maybe, that could make me interesting? Maybe not. That totally made sense…

Favourite thing about coaching? The wellbeing it brings through consistent exercise and working towards something/having goals. Equally, the motivation of having a wiseweirdo keeping you accountable.

If you were a font you would be.... Calibri in white, bold, on a white background.

HUGE congrats to Annelie for stepping outside the comfort zone and finding the place where the magic happens, we are very proud and happy to be alongside you on this journey!


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