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Why you should get a coach...

Many people ride bikes, many people race bikes, but yet only a few of these folk end up taking the plunge and hiring a coach to accelerate their progression forwards. So in a completely biased post (how can it not be?) I will write a few reasons why hiring a coach can be beneficial.

1. Be the best you can be.

We aren't all going to be world cup superstars, that's a given, but we can aspire to be the best versions of ourselves we can be. Enter stage right: le me! By working together within your time constraints, considering all the other factors within your life, we can carefully craft a customised plan (I never use templates or copy paste a program, I know I make my life difficult for myself but hey...) to get the best out of YOU!

2. The objectivity factor

Even as a coach I struggle with this. The rules sometimes seem to apply differently for myself than for others, and for many self-coached athletes it's the same. Having a coach is like having a sounding board...that is wise with a buttload of experience. Rather than training without a plan, or doing what you feel is right, having someone objectively measuring and tracking your progress can be a relief and a secret weapon.

3. Develop some insight

While most people could read up and learn how to look at a file, or break down a workout, where the real benefit lies is in gaining race insight and wisdom that can be guided by the coach. While you may see 'this race sucked, my legs felt awful' or 'was on fire, kicking butt' your coach will look at the machinations behind each performances in addition to the singular performance analysis and the physiology behind that. And that's pretty cool.

4. Get more awesome



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