How to race a marathon: a weekend guide by a seasoned XCM rider (actually don't take this advice

This is a humorous (OR IS IT?) attempt to recap the Flight Centre Cycle Epic for 2019. It's a tough race and this recap features swearing. Its not data heavy at all, as there was no data involved. Enjoy this light entertainment. Saturday Wake up late, mild hangover. Husband wants to go for a ride, disappears sometime before 7. Having picked up Karen from the airport the day prior, we are pretty keen to get our pre-race ride in. We spend the morning doing important pre-race things like painting our nails and being a lazy parent avoiding activities that can’t be done on the couch (me). Husband is still away (it’s 10:00 at this stage) and I start to get the quivers, get dressed get the bike rea

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