WA100 Dwellingup: Some Very Dark Places

“When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we thought we’d conquered long ago”- Nietzsche This is a quote I found a while ago, but really resonated with me, someone who routinely has bouts of insomnia and then wonders why things are SO HARD. Well, really they aren’t, it just feels that way when you’re tired. And now I have the wisdom of having been tired for a LONG time (parenting, shift work, general insomnia definitely not linked to excessive coffee consumption), I mostly know what to expect. However once in a while, it really takes you by surprise. The fatigue arcs up, you have no capacity to manage it within the parameters of your normal, everyday working life, and all of a sudden you

Stage racing at the Reef to Reef

Brisbane is pretty cold in winter. Sometimes we crack single digits. I am pretty lucky to live up high, where it rarely happens, but if I am to whizz the 200m vertical down our driveway and road into the valley, it gets close to zero on the reg, and that is pretty much unacceptable for me, a professed warm-weather loving lizard-type. If I need arm warmers, it’s unacceptably cold. So when Bri-Dog (aka: B-Dizzle, Brio, B-Mat or Briony Mattocks, depending on how I am feeling) asked me if i wanted to head up to FNQ for the inaugural Reef to Reef pairs stage race I was pretty keen. Something about the cold has my body squeaking and squealing like it needs an oil change, I often can’t seem to feel

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